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Advertising Management assigns responsibility for one or two specific components of your advertising to MKTG MGMT, and we optimize allocations and message delivery within those specific components, given the budgets provided. Our pricing is the most approacheable, as there are minimal or no upfront costs. You will also find that our services are the most professional and sophisticated when it comes to law firm marketing, and we believe that we are one of the best if not the best at what we do.  With select clients in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, we also offer the opportunity to work with us in a  joint venture approach, where our compensation is tied directly to the performance of our advertising management, and we only get paid when you have gotten paid. For example, you may assign us to manage your search engine marketing (PPC), all together, or assign us $2000 per month to manage one specific type of search engine marketing platform, such as Facebook or Google Adwords. Lets us say you choose to have us focus exclusively on managing your advertising on Google, since it is the largest of the search engine marketing platforms.


We would use that 2000 as follows:

A. Development of Targeted Website and Primary Site Landing Page for Medical Malpractice in English -$150

B. Development of Targeted Website and Primary Site Landing Page for Medical Malpractice in Spanish—$150

C. Assignment of Targeted Vanity Phone Number for Tracking Purposes—$10

D. 16 Consultant Hours @ $125/hr for Web Dev, Keyword Campaign Development and creation of Ads—$1000

E. $1850 in Receipts to Google Adwords for cost of Clicks for campaigns related to Medicall Malpractice—$1850


A $2,000 per month client in NYC, for example, gets $4160 invested in their marketing. When a judgment or settlement is made in which that client can be traced back to the Website, or the phone number, ie our Adspend Management, then the firm will pay MKTG MGMT, through a qualified attorney member of our team, 5% of that settlement, and will disclose such payment to their client. In all reality, as such client disclosures should ordinarily be made at the outset, it is fair to assume that MKTG MGMT will also know from the outset about pending litigation with clients developed via this payment arrangement.


By engaging us, some clients will in fact be investing more than twice what they actually invest in terms of cash, and the results of their marketing campaigns will reflect this.