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1. As our name indicates, MKTG MGMT is firmly routed in academia. Our 2017 Launch is the initial public offering of the world’s top talent in Marketing. Our grounding in academia enables us to provide our clients with marketing services that are centered around time tested best practices, and the most current and relevant innovations. By grounding ourselves at the top rated Marketing program in the world at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, we position ourselves to provide our clients with market leadership.

2. We are all trained as economists and as marketers. Our training as economists brings the attainment of Sustainable Competitive Advantage as the ultimate goal of our work for our clients.  Many of our programs are one-of-a-kind, powerful and will remain powerful for a very long time.

3. By December 2016, our firm will represent 2 law firms, and 1 solo practitioner, in each of New York City, Jersey City/Newark, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Greenwich, Orange County, Washington D.C, Scottsdale, Denver, Austin, and Baltimore. Our work will be exclusive to the clients that we serve, and yet there will be strength in our numbers, or rather there will be the exploitation of economies of scale in Marketing, and those gains will be shared with our clients.

4. We stand by our work and are vested in it 100%. This is reflected in the compensation structure and the contractual terms that exist in the majority of our client service relationships.

5. We are not transactional, we are relationship orientated. The only transactional services that we provide are domain sales. We are an employee owned company, and 50% of our employees are owners in our group. We only seek out long-term relationships with shared growth, and we invest time in maximizing the chances of success by formulating clear plans and incorporating those plan into the contracting process.


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Every Partner of our triple quartet shares common roots with the Marketing Program at the Wharton Business School at UPENN. Graduate and undergrads are at the associate level, and alumni and professors are at the Consultant or Partner level.  

Our services are focused on client ROI and market leadership. We have worked for the true law factories of the world, the 100—400 attorney firms that for the most part only represent the big guy, but an area of law which entails a very different type of operational, marketing, and business development structure. Our clients are those that demand a grade of marketing that mirrors their professional pursuits to be the best—Best in form, best in practices. When the stakes are high or the race long, these best practices stand to bear fruit. Our firm was founded in 2016 to rise to the challenge and opportunity of bringing marketing best practices and  marketing innovation to consumer facing law firms.

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John Fraser


VP of Business Development

bronx.scienceattorneyweb.siteesq.presscmojobdescription.comlawfirmweb.designattorneyvideo.uslawmktg.com“To become the best, we mimic the best, then swiftly depart from that with measured action. 
We Benchmark. We organize around measurability of effort”